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Seal Leadership – Mark McGinnis

SEAL Leadership partners with forward leaning, dynamic organizations to develop world class leaders and build sustainable winning cultures through simple, repeatable processes that have been time tested and combat validated by the world’s premiere Special Operations force.

Commander Mark McGinnis

  • Graduate of the United States Naval AcademyAthlete
    • 4 Year varsity football player
  • United States Navy SEAL17 years of special operations experience
    • Leadership positions at all levels of command
  • Fortune 500 Medical Device Sales
    • Front Line Sales Representative
    • Regional Sales Director
  • Founder SEAL Leadership, LLC
    • Leadership and Team Building Expert
    • College and Professional Level
    • Fortune 500 Business Consulting
  • Founder and Managing Director of SEAL Legacy Foundation

Drawing on his experiences from the military, athletics and the corporate world Mark, a recognized leadership expert, delivers a message of communication, accountability and teamwork.  His experience in doing difficult tasks that require tremendous focus, emotional control and mental toughness allows him to now guide his clients through the process of attaining a SEAL likelevel of performance.

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