Blue Giraffe “BG”, is a leading talent management, marketing, and consulting agency with offices in:

Atlanta, GA, West Palm Beach, FL and Dublin, IRL

Blue Giraffe exclusively represents premier celebrity talent from the worlds of sports and entertainment. Blue Giraffe provides full service management and representation to its clients in the following areas: contract negotiations, endorsements, licensing, promotions, media and public relations, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and television/event opportunities.

Through the provision of these services, BG creates and develops a “brand” identity for its clients that allow them to maximize their value in the commercial marketplace and continue to improve upon the image of their “brand”.

BG also provides brand consulting to its
corporate clients in areas including:

  • Special events
  • Product placement
  • Celebrity and athlete marketing partnerships
  • Celebrity and athlete personal appearances
  • Music artist bookings
  • TOUR sponsorships.

BG was founded on the premise that extraordinary personal attention to a select group of complementary clients is paramount. In addition, BG utilizes the expertise and experience of its management team in the fashion & entertainment industries to assist with the marketing and “imaging” of its clients. The experience in the industry allows BG to provide access to the fashion, lifestyle and editorial companies that do business outside of the sports and celebrity worlds. This unique combination allows BG to capitalize on the natural synergies that exist between the worlds of sports, entertainment and fashion that allow our clients to create a unique “brand” not available anywhere else.